Challenge yourself

Student project

Blue Line is a rower monitor designed to be more inviting and motivating that current options on the market. It aims to invite novice users to explore indoor rowing and challenge themselves to give more.

Through several iterations of usability evaluation and design, Blue Line was shaped to the most novel users’ needs. The enhancement of the product’s usability focused on four aspects: Show clearly physical and digital affordances, strong information architecture, clear feedback during setting and performance, and motivate in the short- and long-term.

This new design also proved to be easier to use and learn, more motivating, and shows itself much more interesting for users.

I took a role mainly on the conceptualization, visualization, user testing, prototyping and planning.

Teamwork with:
• Bella Bovens
• Jeppe Bijker
• Nadege Heyligar
• Rochelle Simons
• Sophie Kelder

TU Delft
July 2015