From me to me

Approaching retirement with subtleness

Student project

“From me to me” offers to seniors approaching retirement, small opportunities within their routines to reflect on aspects of life that will become more central during the retirement years. It consists of a tea box, a box to store personal thoughts and very intriguing tea bags with hidden questions inside.

It uses a natural pause in the routine to trap the user by a few seconds in a reflection state. Opening the tea bags, which are small envelopes, is a careful and surprising experience. While opening these envelopes, the first thing that the user sees is a question that triggers him to reflect. The question is also present while drinking the tea in the tea tag. A writing space in the envelope invites him to make his thoughts concrete or put something inside it, and put it in the box. With the time, “From me to me” will become a personal diary with new insights to build a good life after retirement upon.

Its development included contextual research, experiential prototyping and several rounds of iterations and testing with users.

Individual project

TU Delft
January 2015