Trace your music

Student project

Phonos is an interactive speaker that grows with you, just like those leather shoes that stretch and get better with time. Based on the music you listen to, a photosensitive pattern appears on its surface. You can also replace and rinse the photosensitive to capture the music pattern.

Phonos creates a unique relationship with its user through an involving experience around music and very analog interactions that require attention. Flip, tilt, rotate or tap the device to control it. Rinse and replace the photosensitive layer in an age-old fashioned developing process to keep its traces forever.

Not only concepting, sketching and building took part, but also several iterations, short rounds of user test and lots of work in electronics were needed.

I participated mainly on the conceptualization, team management, communication and video production.

Teamwork with:
• Aafke Croockewit
• Jet Gispen
• Sietse Taams
• Xi Xu

TU Delft
July 2015